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Bartlesville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

You assume that your elderly loved one is receiving top quality care at an assisted living center, but the truth is that mistreatment is a common occurrence. The Center for Justice & Democracy reports that 33 percent of residents at these facilities had experienced nursing home abuse of some form, leading to immeasurable losses for victims. This conduct is obviously illegal, but you may wonder whether there are other remedies available under Oklahoma law.

Our lawyers at Levinson Law, P.C. understand that the legal concepts regarding nursing home abuse can be complex, which is why we’re dedicated to seeking justice for victims and their families. Nothing can take back what your loved one endured, but recovering compensation may alleviate some of the suffering. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation with a Bartlesville nursing home abuse lawyer, and check out some general information about these cases.

Nursing Home Abuse Comes in Many Forms

Residents may be embarrassed or intimidated by the presence of mistreatment, while others are vulnerable because of dementia and related conditions. As such, it’s often up to family members and friends to spot the signs that an assisted living center is not providing quality care. There are different kinds of nursing home abuse to watch for, including:

  • Physical Mistreatment: This form of abuse may be through violent acts and related misconduct, such as hitting, punching, and rough handling. However, it may also occur through force-feeding, overmedicating, and using physical restraints in violation of law.
  • Sexual Abuse: If your loved one contracted a sexually transmitted disease or injuries around the genitals, he or she may have suffered sexual assault.
  • Emotional Mistreatment: Caretakers may use verbal threats or not allow the resident to see loved ones, leading to emotional abuse.
  • Financial Exploitation: A nursing home employee may prey upon a resident with diminished capacity for financial gain. Keep an eye out for names added to bank accounts, changes to estate planning documents, modifications to ownership of real estate, and other indications of exploitation.

Take Action if You Spot the Signs of Misconduct

Your first priority should be protecting the safety of the victim of nursing home abuse, and our team at Levinson Law, P.C. can advise you on your options. Once the resident is secure, there are additional tasks to safeguard your legal interests. We’ll assist with:

  • Investigating the circumstances and gathering evidence regarding misconduct;
  • Approaching the nursing home with information and requesting payment for your losses;
  • Discussing settlement options to resolve your claim out of court; and,
  • Filing a lawsuit in court if necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve by law.

Contact a Bartlesville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to Discuss Your Options

As you can see, Oklahoma laws on nursing homes can be complicated if you don’t have a legal background. Instead of putting your rights at risk, trust our team at Levinson Law, P.C. to pursue those responsible for this horrific misconduct. To learn more about how we can assist with your case, please contact our firm to schedule a no-cost case evaluation today.

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