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Tulsa Bedsores Lawyer

Trusted Representation for Nursing Home Residents Suffering from Bedsores

Bedsores are one of the more common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. If an elderly or disabled individual relies on a home health aide, or if they reside in a nursing home, rehabilitation facility, assisted living facility, or other long-term care facility and they develop bedsores, it is a strong sign that some form of abuse or neglect is taking place. Bedsores indicate that a patient is being left alone and unattended, rather than receiving the attention and care that they deserve.

If you notice that your loved one shows signs of bedsores after living in a long-term care facility, you need to act. The Tulsa bedsore lawyers at Levinson Law, P.C., are here to help you investigate the circumstances of your family member’s care and determine whether your nursing home or other facility is up to par. If your loved one is experiencing neglect or abuse, we will help you protect them, and hold the negligent facility accountable.

What Causes Bedsores?

Bedsores, also called pressure ulcers or pressure sores, are wounds that come about when the skin is exposed to excessive force over a prolonged period. They are more likely to develop on bony areas that receive regular pressure. Common problem areas include the hips, tailbone, ankles, heels, and back.

Bedsores can occur if a resident is left in one position for an extended time. The resident may be in bed, sitting in a wheelchair or couch, or otherwise staying in the same position for hours or days in a row. The more days that a resident spends in that same position, especially if that position puts pressure on a particularly vulnerable area of the body, the more likely the person is to develop bedsores.

Additional factors that can increase the risk of bedsores include malnutrition or dehydration, having dry and unmoisturized skin, using soiled bedding or clothes, and wearing wet clothing. Bedsores may also develop in response to a particular area of skin being exposed to repeated friction, such as if a resident is repeatedly dragged across a rough surface.

Bedsores are easily preventable

The fact of the matter is that any responsible, careful long term care facility is aware of the risk of bedsores and can take the steps necessary to prevent them from developing. They are a strong sign of neglect precisely because there are a few basic steps that can significantly mitigate the risk of bedsores developing. So long as nurses and staff are paying proper attention to each resident, bedsores should not form.

Nursing home staff can take simple steps to reduce the risk of bedsores, including the following:

  • Making sure all residents are moving or are moved, including disabled residents
  • Employing devices to reduce pressure and direct contact with surfaces, including pillows, pads, and inflatable donuts
  • Turning residents so that they are lying at a 30-degree angle, rather than directly on a bed, to reduce pressure
  • Checking up on residents regularly and with care, especially any residents who are at higher risk of experiencing bedsores
  • Periodically cleaning and changing the bedding, clothes, towels, and other laundry of residents

These are simple, basic steps that one can expect from any long-term care facility that is adequately taking care of residents. Many of these steps are accomplished in the ordinary course of checking up on residents throughout every day. If you notice your elderly relative developing bedsores, it is a strong indication that their nursing home or assisted living facility is not taking proper care of its residents.

Speak With a Trusted Tulsa Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyer Today

We understand that confronting nursing home abuse or neglect is very difficult for families. Our firm will do everything we can to support you through this challenging and painful time. If you identify bedsores on a loved one and suspect they suffer from abuse or neglect, we can arrange for a private consultation at your convenience. We are available to meet in our office, your home, or a hospital room to discuss your situation. Please call Levinson Law, P.C., to set up a free initial meeting, or use our website’s convenient contact form for a prompt, private response to your questions.

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