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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Brake Failure is a Common Cause of Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Every day, drivers in Tulsa share the road with commercial vehicles. Just because they have become a commonplace sight on our roadways does not, however, mean that they don’t pose a risk to other road users. In fact, collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles can and do happen all the time, often with… Read More »

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Was the Truck that Caused Your Accident a Commercial Vehicle?

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Truck accidents present unique challenges to victims who are attempting to seek compensation after their crash. This is because trucking companies are subject not only to state, but also federal rules and regulations. These regulations often come into play in accident cases, but only if the truck in question qualifies as a commercial vehicle…. Read More »

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Proper Vehicle Maintenance Can Prevent Truck Accidents

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

While proper maintenance is important to the safe operation of all vehicles, it is particularly important for commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks. These kinds of trucks simply experience a lot more wear and tear than most vehicles, which can take its toll on the brake systems, tires, suspension, and more. Unfortunately, many companies fail to… Read More »

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