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Safely Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks in Oklahoma


Truck accidents are some of the most devastating vehicle collisions in which a motorist can be involved. Vastly outweighed by these vehicles, passenger cars don’t stand a chance in a collision with a truck that could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Because they are so dangerous, it is critical for all road users to have a thorough understanding of the best ways to maneuver around these massive vehicles safely. Read on for a few tips on how to share the road with large commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks.

Drive Defensively 

Most of us have gotten used to the sight of semi-trucks on our state’s roadways. It’s important, however, not to become too comfortable, as these kinds of vehicles always pose a serious risk to others in the event of an accident. To avoid being involved in such a crash, motorists should be sure to drive defensively when traveling near a semi, paying extra attention to where the vehicles around them are, traffic flow, weather conditions, and lane changes. Doing so will give drivers the ability to anticipate potential problems and enough time to react and avoid a crash.

Remain Cautious

 When sharing the road with a semi-truck, it’s important to keep as much distance between you and the truck as possible. While tailgating is never safe, driving so closely to a large truck is particularly dangerous, as their heavier weight means that they are simply a lot slower and more difficult to maneuver. A smaller vehicle traveling too closely behind a tractor-trailer could end up sliding beneath the larger truck, a deadly accident known as an underride crash. Because they experience so much wear and tear, commercial trucks are also more prone to things like blown tires, which can also easily cause a driver to lose control of the truck, veering into other lanes or off the road entirely. Pieces of blown tires can also strike the vehicles and windshields of other motorists, posing an additional risk of a collision. Keeping a safe distance from large trucks can help eliminate these risks.

Avoid Blind Spots 

One of the most important precautionary measures that road users can take when traveling near large semi-trucks is to avoid their blind spots. These, because of the massive size of tractor-trailers, are a lot larger than those of smaller vehicles. These blind spots are located:

  • 20 feet in front of the cab;
  • 30 feet behind the trailer;
  • The lane to the left of the truck, extending half the length of the trailer; and
  • The two lanes to the right of the truck, extending the full length of the trailer.

These blind spots are commonly referred to as “No Zones” because truck drivers simply cannot see anyone driving in these areas. To avoid being involved in an accident because of a blind spot, drivers should be sure to stay out of these areas whenever possible.

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 Even those who use the most care when driving could end up injured in an accident because of someone else’s carelessness. If you were injured in a truck accident in Oklahoma, please call Levinson Law, P.C. to speak with one of our experienced Tulsa trucking accident lawyers about your recovery options.




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