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These Common Mistakes Could Jeopardize Your Truck Accident Case


Obtaining compensation from a trucking company or other negligent party is often essential for many truck accident victims, most of whom suffer serious injuries and devastating property damage. Unfortunately, obtaining compensation after a truck accident isn’t guaranteed, even when the trucking company was clearly at fault for the crash. Accident victims can also unknowingly worsen their own chances of recovery by making a few common mistakes.

Admitting Fault 

One of the biggest mistakes that an accident victim can make is to admit fault for a crash. Truck accidents are extremely traumatic and it can be almost impossible to assign blame immediately after a collision. This is why it’s so important to let your legal team investigate the cause of the crash and determine who was truly at fault. Those who tell a witness, a police officer, or an insurer that they may have shared responsibility for the crash will have a much harder time reaching a settlement if the statement goes on record. To avoid this, accident victims should refrain from making any statements regarding fault after the accident.

Failing to Get Medical Attention 

Another mistake that some accident victims make is to avoid getting medical attention. This can have dire consequences for a person’s health, but can also affect the outcome of his or her truck accident claim. Generally, the longer a person waits to obtain treatment after a crash, the harder it will be for him or her to obtain compensation from the trucking company’s insurers. Not only is there a chance that the injuries will worsen, but a gap in time between the accident and treatment could be interpreted by insurers as an attempt by an injured party to recover compensation for injuries that were sustained somewhere else.

Posting on Social Media

 Another mistake that has become increasingly common in the last few years is posting on social media after an accident. It is not uncommon for insurers to check on the accounts of victims for signs that they aren’t being truthful about their injury claims. In many cases, an innocent photo or status update can be purposely misconstrued by an insurer so that they can avoid paying out the entirety of a claim. Even a family photo, for instance, could be used as evidence that an accident victim’s injuries aren’t as severe as he or she claims. To avoid this, it’s best for accident victims to just stay off social media while their claim is pending.

Exaggerating or Downplaying the Injuries 

It’s also important for accident victims to avoid exaggerating or underplaying the severity of their injuries. The former will likely be seen as an attempt to obtain an unfairly high settlement award and the latter could result in a settlement amount that isn’t sufficient to cover a victim’s medical bills. Never exaggerate or downplay your injuries when speaking with your doctor or an insurer. Doing so can be fatal to your claim and could result in an improper diagnosis or treatment.

Contact Our Experienced Tulsa Truck Accident Legal Team

One of the most potentially damaging things an accident victim can do after a truck crash is to fail to obtain legal representation. If you were hurt in an accident and have questions about your legal options, please call our experienced Tulsa trucking accident lawyers for help. Call Levinson Law, P.C. at 918-492-4433 to get started on your case today.




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