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Tulsa Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers


There are some types of collisions that can occur just as easily between a passenger car and a commercial truck as between two similar sized vehicles. Rear-end collisions, for instance, can occur between vehicles of various sizes. There are, however, certain types of accidents that are unique to tractor-trailers and other trucks, one of which is the jackknife accident.

What is a Jackknife Accident?

A jackknife accident occurs when the cab portion of a tractor-trailer comes to a stop, but the trailer portion continues to move forward. As the tractor starts to skid, the back end of the trailer swings to the side, creating an acute angle where the hinge connects the two portions, much like that of a folding pocket knife. Jackknife accidents are well-known for causing serious injuries, as they almost always involve the blocking of multiple lanes of traffic and subsequent multi-car pile-ups.

What are the Most Common Risk Factors?

Certain factors make it more likely that a truck will be involved in a jackknife accident. These include:

  • Poor road conditions, like crumbling asphalt, gravel, or potholes;
  • Heavy traffic, which can cause drivers who are distracted to attempt to brake too quickly;
  • Poor weather conditions, which can impede visibility and result in slippery, wet, or icy road surfaces;
  • Tight curves, especially if the driver is speeding;
  • The failure of the truck’s brake system; or
  • Speeding or swerving recklessly.

It’s also important to note that the risk of a jackknife accident goes up as the length of a truck increases, so the more trailers a truck has, the more likely it is to jackknife. A truck that is not carrying a full load, or whose cargo has been loaded improperly is also at risk of jackknifing if a driver attempts to brake too suddenly. For help determining the cause of your own jackknife accident, reach out to our legal team today.

Why are Jackknife Accidents So Dangerous?

Jackknifing trucks pose a number of dangers to other people on the road. For instance, a trailer that is jackknifing can swing out into traffic, striking vehicles and even pushing them off the road as it does so. Once fully swung out, these trailers typically block multiple lanes of traffic, further increasing the chances of collision with other vehicles. Jackknifing trucks are also much more likely to overturn, which increases the chances of a cargo spill and further collisions. For these reasons, jackknife accidents almost always result in some sort of property damage or injury, usually to the occupants of smaller vehicles.

Here to Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

Being injured in any type of car accident can be traumatic, but truck accidents are known for being particularly devastating. If you were injured in an Oklahoma truck accident, the legal team at Levinson Law, P.C. is here to help. As we work diligently to build a strong case and seek the compensation you deserve, you can focus on your recovery and moving on with your life. To set up a free consultation with one of our experienced Tulsa truck accident lawyers, call 918-492-4433 today.




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