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Monthly Archives: October 2023


Commercial Truck Safety Violations

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Commercial trucks experience a lot more wear and tear than the average vehicle, partly because they are so much heavier than other cars, but also because they travel thousands of miles, sometimes in a single trip. As a result, commercial vehicles tend to need a lot more maintenance, for which trucking companies are responsible…. Read More »

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What are the Mostly Commonly Broken Bones in Motorcycle Accidents?

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Motorcycle accidents can generate a significant amount of force and because riders are not protected from this force as much as they would be if they were inside a vehicle, they are far more likely to sustain blunt force trauma injuries, like broken bones. Read on to learn more about which bones are broken… Read More »

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The Most Common Motorcycle Injury

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Motorcycle accidents tend to result in a wide range of injuries for the riders involved, not only because of the smaller size of their vehicles, but due to a lack of crash protection. These injuries can include everything from abrasions and lacerations to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries. According to the… Read More »

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Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents Can Have Devastating Consequences

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Motorcycle accidents tend to have much more severe repercussions for riders than they do for motorists, who have the benefit not only of seat belts and airbags, but also a metal cage between themselves and the road. Even accidents that would normally qualify as relatively minor, or even fender benders, can result in serious… Read More »

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