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Oil-Field Pollution in Oklahoma


While the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma contributes millions of dollars to our state’s revenue and provides thousands of jobs, there are a number of serious environmental challenges that come with such practices. Oil-field pollution tops the list of the most dangerous repercussions of oil and gas development and occurs when air, water, or soil resources become contaminated by oil and gas waste products.

What is Oil-Field Pollution? 

Oil and gas drilling and production activities can contaminate water wells, surface waters, and even the soil in surrounding areas, while emissions from drilling sites and pipelines can cause serious air quality concerns. The most common forms of oil-field pollution include:

  • Water pollution, which can occur when the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing enter drinking water supplies, when stormwater runoff from drilling sites is carried into nearby streams and rivers, or when waste pits contaminate the groundwater;
  • Air pollution, which can occur via emission during the drilling process, or due to the burning of excess gas at well sites, causing methane pollution; and
  • Soil pollution, which can occur when soil and gas wastes (i.e. petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and toxic chemicals) come into contact with the soil, or when produced water stored in pits sterilizes the soil and kills vegetation.

All of these problems can cause serious health problems for those who work on and live near oil-fields in Oklahoma. Fortunately, negligent companies that cause oil-field pollution can be held liable for injuries caused by this pollution.

What Causes Oil-Field Pollution? 

The oil and gas industry is required to comply with strict regulations when it comes to drilling, transporting, and storing oil and natural gases. Unfortunately, not all companies follow these rules, which can have devastating environmental and health consequences. Most pollution occurs due to:

  • The improper disposal of drilling wastes;
  • Spills during transportation;
  • Leaking storage tanks;
  • Hydraulic fracturing; and
  • Releasing gases during extraction and processing.

The effects of this kind of pollution pose serious threats not only to the environment but to the health of the public. Short-term exposure can cause everything from skin irritations to breathing problems, while long-term exposure can result in potentially fatal conditions, like cancer. Oil and gas extraction companies can and should be held liable for causing these kinds of injuries not only amongst oil-field workers, but those who live downwind or downriver of drilling or production sites. For help filing a claim against the company that caused your own illness, please reach out to our legal team today.

Oklahoma Oil-Field Pollution Lawsuits 

If you were injured because of an oil or gas company’s practices, we can help you prove that the companies caused the pollution and that exposure to that pollution resulted in your injuries. To do so, we may need access to medical records, environmental tests, and expert opinions. To get started, give the experienced Tulsa oil-field pollution lawyers at Levinson Law, P.C. today a call or reach out to us via online message.




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