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Monthly Archives: May 2024


What is Truck Accident Reconstruction?

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

Not all vehicle accidents are created equal. Truck accidents, for instance, are known for being particularly destructive, leaving the occupants of the smaller vehicle at risk of devastating property damage and catastrophic injuries. These victims may have the right to file a personal injury claim against the trucking company that was responsible for the… Read More »

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Are You Suffering from an Illness Caused by Oil-Field Soil Pollution?

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

In a previous post, we discussed the dangers of oil-field air pollution not only for workers, but for  residents who live near oil and gas drilling sites. Unfortunately, pollution of the air is not the only negative repercussion that comes with the drilling, refining, and transportation of oil and gas. Soil pollution, for instance,… Read More »

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Oil-Field Pollution in Oklahoma

By Levinson Law, P.C. |

While the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma contributes millions of dollars to our state’s revenue and provides thousands of jobs, there are a number of serious environmental challenges that come with such practices. Oil-field pollution tops the list of the most dangerous repercussions of oil and gas development and occurs when air, water,… Read More »

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