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Tips For Taking Car Accident Photos


Photographs from the scene of a car accident can play a crucial role in proving fault at a later date. There are, however, a few specific things that motorists should keep in mind when taking these photos. Taking shots from a variety of angles, for instance, can help provide insurers and juries with a clearer idea of what happened on the day in question. To learn more about the types of evidence that could be used to support your own claim, please reach out to our experienced Tulsa car accident lawyers today.

Why Taking Photos After an Accident is Important

Accident scene photographs can provide clear insight into what actually happened on the day of the crash and even who was at fault. Photos of vehicle damage, for instance, can help demonstrate who struck who in the crash, the angle of the collision, and can even help establish how fast the vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident. Photos can also provide visual proof of what the conditions looked like in the area immediately after the accident, including what the road conditions were like, the weather at the time of the accident, and the exact location of the crash.

Use What is Available

While using a high faulty digital camera would probably take the best photos at an accident scene, most of us don’t have these sitting around in our cars. Fortunately, most people do have cell phones that are equipped with cameras and since speed is of the utmost importance after a crash, motorists shouldn’t hesitate to use their phones to record what the accident scene looked like. These photos also have the advantage of being traceable to a particular date, time, and location.

Take Photos from Different Angles

There isn’t always a lot of time to take pictures after an accident, as tow trucks will soon arrive and police officers will eventually begin cleaning up accident debris. For this reason, it is important for accident victims to carefully consider which shots will be the most helpful in demonstrating fault. Taking photos from different angles, for example, will ensure that all aspects of the damage done to the vehicles is captured and clear to the viewer. Generally, it is best for the parties to cover their bases by taking several wide shots of the accident, as well as close-up photos.

Don’t Forget About Your Surroundings

Besides taking photographs of vehicle damage after a crash, motorists should also think about taking photos of the accident scene itself, including:

  • Signage in the area that indicates speed limits and street names;
  • Any traffic lights in the area;
  • Any objects that were damaged in the crash, including retaining walls, medians, signs, vegetation, and light posts;
  • Skid marks or other evidence of the crash on the roadway, including debris; and
  • Nearby businesses that may have security cameras.

When used in conjunction with other evidence, these photos can help reconstruct what happened on the day of the accident.

Dedicated Auto Accident Lawyers in Tulsa, OK

To learn more about how your own accident scene photos could be used to prove liability in your case, please call 918-492-4433 and speak with one of the dedicated car accident lawyers at Levinson Law, P.C. today.



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