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What Caused Your Truck Accident?


Even collisions that would normally qualify as minor can have devastating consequences when one of those vehicles is a commercial truck, as they are simply so much larger than standard passenger cars. Fortunately, injured parties who can prove that someone else’s negligence was responsible for their crash could recover damages for any accident-related damages. For help determining the cause of your own truck accident, reach out to our legal team today.


While all truck accidents are unique, they do tend to have certain things in common. Many, for instance, are the result of speeding. Exceeding the speed limit, or even driving too fast for the conditions is always dangerous, as it makes it harder to slow down or stop in time to avoid a crash. Speeding is, however, a lot more dangerous for truck drivers, simply because their vehicles are so much larger, often weighing as much as 80,000 pounds. This means that they are much harder to stop, a problem compounded by the fact that truck brakes are often worn out due to overuse. Speeding is especially dangerous when there is a lot of traffic, or when a truck is turning, traveling on a curve, or driving on an incline or decline.


Drowsy driving can and does affect all drivers, but has proven to be an especially concerning problem in the trucking industry, where drivers are often required to work long hours and to drive through the night. Working these hours can lead to the disruption of normal sleep cycles and sleep deprivation. While there are federal regulations in place that limit how many hours truck drivers can operate their vehicles without taking a break, many drivers violate these rules due to pressure from their employers or unrealistic deadlines. Unfortunately, driving while fatigued is very dangerous, as it reduces reaction time and impairs judgment.

Vehicle Failure 

Vehicle failure is thought to contribute to almost ten percent of fatal truck accidents. A lot of these problems are the result of overuse, as a lot of wear and tear is put on commercial trucks on a day-to-day basis. Parts and components that are most likely to fail include the tires, brake system, wheels, lighting, and the coupling system. If a vehicle part failure is deemed to be the result of a trucking company’s failure to conduct adequate maintenance or inspections, then it could be held liable for the resulting damages. If, on the other hand, the part itself was defective, then the vehicle manufacturer itself could also bear some responsibility.

Call Today for Help with Your Case 

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident in Tulsa or somewhere else in Oklahoma, contact Levinson Law, P.C. at 918-492-4433 and set up a meeting with one of our dedicated Tulsa truck accident attorneys today. We can help investigate the cause of your crash, assist you in calculating your damages, and if possible, seek reimbursement for your losses, either through the settlement process or by going to court.




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