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What To Do After A Truck Accident


While all car accidents can have potentially serious consequences, certain kinds of crashes, or collisions involving certain types of vehicles, are known for being especially dangerous. Accidents that involve commercial vehicles, for instance, are notorious for causing devastating injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Recovering compensation after this kind of accident can be complicated, as these cases usually involve the liability of multiple parties, including not only the driver, but also the trucking company itself. Taking a few specific steps after a truck accident can help accident victims avoid problems with their claim down the line, so if you were involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle and have questions about what to do next, you should reach out to an experienced Tulsa truck accident lawyer for help.

Provide Reasonable Assistance to Injured Parties

Truck accidents almost always result in some sort of injury to the parties involved, so one of the first things that accident victims should do is provide reasonable assistance to anyone who needs it. If someone is injured, for example, you should call an ambulance or otherwise help that person seek medical attention.

Exchange Information

Once the safety of the other parties has been assured, it is important to exchange information with anyone else who was involved in the crash, including:

  • The other driver’s name, address, and contact information;
  • The other vehicle’s registration number;
  • The other driver’s license number;
  • The other driver’s insurance information; and
  • The name and contact information of the driver’s employer.

Exchanging this information, besides helping initiate the claims process, is actually required under Oklahoma law when an accident results in physical injury or property damage.

Report the Accident

In Oklahoma, police officers are required to prepare crash reports for any accident that involves a commercial vehicle. This can only be achieved, however, if the police are actually present at the scene of the accident. For this reason, truck accident victims should be sure to call law enforcement officials after an accident with a commercial vehicle. Not only can these officials render aid until the ambulance arrives, but they can also gather witnesses, and start investigating the cause of the accident.

Collect Eyewitness Information

Witnesses are difficult to identify after the fact, so it’s a good idea for accident victims to try and obtain the contact information of anyone who saw the accident occur while still at the scene of the crash. You should be sure to take note of the witness’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

Take Pictures and Gather Evidence

Accident victims who are physically able should consider taking a few quick photos of the scene of the accident, including pictures of physical injuries and property damage, as well as the position of the vehicles, skid marks, and the road itself. This evidence can make all the difference in proving fault at a later date. Accident victims should also be sure to keep track of all their damages, including their medical bills and vehicle repair/replacement costs.

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